How to Make Homemade Perfume From Flowers [Fragrance Extraction]

Different note of scents

There are different ways of extracting fragrance from flowers, you can use either essential oil or you can do alcohol (Vodka and ever clear) the higher the alcohol percentage the better. You can also do steam distillation but I talking on doing both alcohol and essential oil.  Home made fragrance can be used to welcome visitors, it is usually not long-lasting.

Things required to extract fragrance

  1. Flowers: There are different flower with different fragrance  notes, we have the high note, mid and base notes. High notes evaporates faster.
  2. Another reagent required is Oil (essential oil) , I did prefer Almond Oil but you can also use other oils such as jojoba oil..  e.t.c. 
  3. Containers : This is used for bottling your mixture, it should be sterilized free from germs
  4. Alcohol: Like I said above the higher the alcohol percentage the better. Vodka and ever clear more precisely.
  5. Glycerine: It should be added too. 
  6. Packing bottle: For packing your product.

  1. Pour your measured alcohol into a bowl but I use my sterilized bottle tho.
  2. Add some drop of oil ( I use the almond oil).
  3. Remove the petals of the flower, rinse then put it in the bottle/bowl.
  4. Add glycerine depending on your preference. 
  5. Allow to age minimum of three(3) days.
  6. Filter then package.
  7. your perfume is ready. 

In my next post I will discuss the uses of each components added in the perfume.

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