Flashy Tuesday Series By Kalu Marvelous

One day at a time.

A look at your vision board, you see those letters painted in different ink expressing the content of your heart.

A stroll through the pages of your book, you find diverse information about who you want to be.

Stickers against the wall, on the steering, some on the table.. All looking colorful but conveying same message of the desire of your heart.

This little voice here says, "One day at a time".
Take those dreams one day at a time.
Smash those goals one day at a time.

Crowding your brain with so much work may weigh you down. Rather, slay your goals one day at a time.


Most times we keep looking outside, looking to others and all we see are things we want to have but we don't.
We keep wishing we were as lucky as they are

We bundle our talents and put them in a box wishing we had the talents of others.
We keep looking down on the things we do and can do but appreciate that of others.

The truth is "It's not what you have but what you do with what you have that makes the difference"

Get up!
Unbox that little ability of yours.
Build it and show it to the world.
Quit the wishes and start with what you have
Start now.


When we were much younger, we were always asked this question "what do you want to be in future?"
We all had our different responses.

Even at this point of our lives, we still feel overwhelmed with thoughts about the future.
We want to be rich in future.
We want to own alot of cars in the future.

As good as these thoughts are, we also should know that the future isn't necessarily those years ahead.
The future starts from the unknown five minutes ahead.
A little of the future arrives every minute, every second, every day.
Make those moments rhyme with your desire.


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