Goo Ho In Urges a stronger punishment for Choi Jong Bum for the upcoming trial

Goo Hara's brother (elder), Goo Ho In requests for a stronger punishment for the upcoming trial for Choi Jong Bum Hara's ex-boyfriend which is coming up next month, In the sense that they are not happy about Choi Jong Bum's actions after the first trial.

Goo Ho In left a lengthy note on Instagram due to so many question thrown at him about his opinion.

"I’ve recently been asked about my opinion on the news regarding Choi Jong Bum’s upcoming trial in May, and I wanted to make a statement as the representative of our family."

 Goo Ho In also made known to people that Hara's close friends are not happy about Choi Jong's action after his first trial. He opened a shop and film about enjoying his party on social media.

"you all well know, [Choi Jong Bum] was sentenced to probation during the first trial and was able to return to society. But as soon as he was released from probation, he opened a new hair salon and surprisingly held a launch party, showing the complete opposite from someone who should be reflecting on his crimes."
"Our family, and the many people who had treasured and loved Hara, couldn’t contain the amount of anger that was caused by his actions."

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