Overcoming Low Self-Esteem [The Battle Within] Written by Somba Heritage


A piece dedicated to people with Low Self Esteem
Staring at the Mirror
All I see is a horrible person
A person not good enough to be in the spotlight
So many insecurities
Walking on the streets
All I hear are Voices
The voices telling me " I'm not good enough "
So many unpleasant words
Sitting in the Crowd

All I notice is a nobody sitting among people
People prettier than I am
So many people better than I am
It's so hard on me
I don't seem to fit in
I don't seem to know were I belong
I'm sure I don't belong here
But I had to ask myself
How long will I continue like this?
How long will I drown in my own fears?  How long will I remain in the shadow?
The journey is too far
How will I get to the end,

When I'm too timid to take my first step    But I knew a change had to come
I knew I had to stand first
If I will ever get to walk
So I made a decision
I chose to listen to the voices I wanted to hear
I learnt to shut the voices I didn't want to hear
Tackling my insecurities one by one

I overcame
I overcame Low Self Esteem
I built my Self Confidence
I learnt to love myself
I know you think I've  changed
No I just changed your perception of me
Now, I decide how to be seen
I won
I won the battle of the mind
I won the battle within
I woke up this sleeping beauty
Now, I can stare at the mirror
And see me
Then I realised,
it was me all along !!!!
I was my own enemy
The battle I fought was within
It was all in my head
The voices, the insecurities, the perceptions
Were all in my head
I was my own intimidator
I was my own predator
I was my own weakness
But I won
I won the battle within
I woke up this sleeping beauty
Now I can stare at the mirror

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