Reason You Need To Avoid Vodka In Fragrance Extraction

In production of perfume (Home-made fragrance) from flowers, alot of blogs and people advice the use of vodka because it is everywhere and also has high content of alcohol, but I will advice that vodka should be avoided while making perfumes if you want a great result, This is applicable when an essential oil is used

. Reason: Vodka is immiscible with oil

After the extraction of fragrance with Vodka and essential oil it may seem as though is mixed together after shaking, it forms a cloudy solution and separates after some times. Alcohol advisable to be used to avoid immsicibility includes: Ever clear : This is not available in all countries but if you are opportuned to have this in your country your are good to go. Isopropyl : This is also advisable for usage. It is universal and can be found in all countries. In case you missed my previous post on fragrance extraction you may click here to read

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