Simple Measures To Relieve Stress (Mental Stress)

Stress is something we experience more often among human. It can be caused by various things in our daily activities like work, family, financial issues, achieving personal goals, mental thoughts, activities and so on. Everyone deals with some form of stress in their life, finding relief for stress isn't always easy most times. The best one could do in situations like this is to rest or sleep off to relax the muscles. There are simple and effective ways to manage your stress levels so that they don't build up to a point where you become wrestles and couldn't manage or cope with it. Stress hardly kills but could make you feel frustrated sometimes, if stress isn't managed well it could trigger anger and aggression which might ruin your day and happiness eventually. But it can be managed effectively before it turns out that you can't control it anymore. Most effective way of managing stress is through exercise that stretches body.

  1. Here you stretch both legs out infront of you as you exhale, try to put your hands out further behind your foot and bring your chest closer to your thigh Hold on for 30 secs.
  2. Stretch your left leg forward in front of you while keeping your right leg bent as you exhale try to put your hands out further and bring your chest closer to your thigh. Hold on for 30 sec.
  3. Kneel at angle 90 degrees take your upper body backwards while placing your hands on your feet. Hold on for seconds
  4.  While bending with your finger tips on the floor make sure your butt is put out to the air. Hold for 30 sec.

There are also other yoga stretches as shown in the picture below

Note:Even beginners can take this exercises.

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