How To Interpret Your Dream

We all dream and there are different types of dreams, dream here implies one will get while asleep. There are different believes concerning dreams, here I am going to share my opinion on how I see dream and how it should be interpreted before then, let's look at the definition of "Dream"

What is dream? 

Dream can be defined as an imaginary event seen in the mind while sleeping. Dream also has synonymous definition such as one's vision for the future but in this article I am referring to my first definition of dream. 

There are different types of dreams, Psychologically dreams come as a result of our thought in our consciousness, It also can be caused by disorder which we commonly know the one caused by Malaria. 

Spiritually, dream is seen as a vision or warning about the future or a vision of what has previously happened, this is where the controversy of dream comes in, where different beliefs have different interpretations of the nature of our dreams.

Have you ever been worried of your dreams? Have you ever looked for interpretations of your dream? then you stumble on different interpretations by different beliefs or probably by same belief. I have and I know the feelings it can be so frustrating trying to put an end to your confusion then you get confused.

How do I read/interpret my dream 

While interpreting our dreams we need to pay attention to our feelings towards the dream most importantly, this is because our different emotions concerning gives it is unique meaning. For example, Let me take the popular dream we all refer to as a bad dream "Eating" Not all eating in the dream is a bad. The question is Was I hungry before I slept off?  Did I eat enough before I slept off?  Or probably was I thinking of food in my time of consciousness? Actually when someone answers yes to the above questions the dream came out of the above effects.

  • Another aspect you need to look into is your feelings about the dream or in your dream, How happy or sad did you feel while dreaming? How ease and uneased were you when you woke up from the dream? This can also help to determine the meaning of your dream

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