Business Development

Entrepreneurs provide their consumer with goods(product) and services.

product is any tangible thing which can be seen and touched while services are those labour rendered we pay for,they cannot be seen or touched such painting a house, word processing etc.

For a business to exist, whether conducted online or offline it must be made up of "Voluntary Exchange". Voluntary exchange is a trade between people who agree to trade money for a product or services. In past years voluntary exchange can come in form of exchange between two valuable things which is known as trade by batter. There is also an involuntary exchange which is rare(this is when force is applied)

Success Begins With Ideas

There is a saying "Good thinking, Good Product". Profitable businesses are all based on good ideas, but dont be discouraged if your ideas has not brand new. Only few ideas are actually new but you can always repackage the old idea but you must focus on improving the performance of the old idea in satisfying human needs.

Things you need to develop as an Entrepreneur or a Business man

Adaptability: The ability to cope with new situation and finding creative solution to problems especially when it comes to market competition.

Competitiveness: The willingness to test one self against others, like I said earlier being able to adapt to new situation helps you to achieve this. 

Confidence: Being able to believe that you can do it.

Discipline: The ability to say focused and stick to a schedule and deadlines.  Here you also have to be disciplined when it comes to running funds.

Drive: The desire to work, that is why is adviced for you to do what you have passion for. No work is easy, is only the passion that keeps everyone moving forward.

Honesty: The commitment to tell the truth to your customers or people that consumes your goods or you render services to. Your business won't grow if is built on lies, it might bloom faster but will become stagnant at a point then starts diminishing.

Organization: The ability to structure human services to run a task and keep task and information in order.

Perseverance: Ability of not quitting, willingness to keep goals and sight and work towards them, despite obstacles.

Persuasiveness: Ability to make people see why they should consume your product and services and why is better compared to others in market, tho some people have a preferred brand or product.

These trait above can go a long way to develop a lasting business.

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