The Prevailing Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship: This can be defined as the art or science of innovation and Risk-taking for profit in business

Business: This can be defined as one's establishment in order to make profit

Difference between Entrepreneurship and Business

Entrepreneurship is solving a problem that has not being solved previously while Business is  running a discovered establishment

key stoning in Business 

key stone is the most important part of a plan or agruement or any matter, on which all other parts depends.  Key stoning in business is a techniques which ensures that one makes profit after all expenses.

Basic Knowledge to Successful Entrepreneurship

To be properly equipped for a successful entrepreneurship, you should have a fair knowledge of the following; Supply and Demand, Solving or fulfilling of customer's needs, the invention process including patent, copyright, and trademarks, you should also know of cost/benefit analysis

An Entrepreneur also needs to asses himself with the basic questions we all know "Whom, Who, Where and What".. I will also list some questions that will help you access yourself

  • Does your chosen field have scope for development?
  • Do you have any experience in management and marketing?
  • Have you fully studied the viability of your scheme?
  • Site for establishment
  • license from authorities
  • Availability of raw materials
  • Availability of necessary labour
  • Capital
If your answer to these question is in the negative, do justice to your business by putting it right. This will ensure your success

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