Fight Against Bad Breath

Hi, Everyone I'm making this blog post to help you fight against bad breath.

Bad breath:

This is is we also know as mouth odour, it is an unpleasant smell exhaled from the mouth. It happens more often while talking, it is caused by bacteria which is not meant to be in the mouth

Bad breath is something we need to check and fight it because it has the capacity to bridge you and your society.

Causes of Bad Breath

Tooth Cavity

Food Eaten

Dehydration of the mouth

Poor Hygiene

All of this deals with the active bacteria in the mouth.

How to Fight Bad Breath

Drink lots of water

It is advised to brush twice a day. I recommend you make use of medium tooth brush and (long rich tooth paste, Colgate, Oral B Pro Health)

Avoid eating spicy food, eat more of fruit such as Apple and water melon

Use ginger and lemon juice. This comprises of ginger juice and lemon juice, it advice you add apple juice

How prepare ginger and Lemon juice

Peel the back of ginger, wash and slice into fractions

Boil the sliced ginger

Peel your lemon and extract its juice

Mix in bowl, I recommend your apple juice

Guggle it in your mouth. It is also edible

Other benefits of this juice

It can serve as tea

It clears cough

It burns belly fat

It helps to relax stomach upset

It aids in relieving mensuration pain

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