How To Bake Your Cake In Few Steps

I will take you on how to make your cake for personal consumption, but before I will take you to that I will talk about a little experience of mine when I baked for the first time

The first time I baked cake, it turned out to be bitter, haha but the good thing was I didn't use all my materials in the first trial which I will advice anyone baking for the first time to do (cut your materials by half) what was the mistake that made it turn out bitter? EXCESS INPUT OF VANILLA FLAVOR.

Now let's go into how to make homade cake. If you have all modern equipments then is easier but the below steps will be taken from the local angle

  • Get Clean bowls and a turning stick
  • Measure the quantity of sugar you want (make sure is much less than the flour) thn add your butter/marine and stir. Let its rotation be maintained from one side till it has completely melted
  • In the other bowl pour your flour, baking soda then mix with egg uniformly.
  • Mix the two mixtures of different bowls in one bowl
  • Add liquid milk or a drop of vanilla essence or you can add both (I use peak milk)
  • Prepare anything you use to heat your food, it can be oven, gas, stove or even fire wood but microwave cannot be used
  • Pour your prepared materials into a baking pan but in absence of this a stainless bowl plate can be used
  • Put in the pot and cover, (use stone or sand tory cover the ground of the pot- applicable to those using stove, gas and firewood)
  • Allow for 30-45(minutes) depending on the amount or quantity of cake (you can also use the aroma to avoid it getting burnt)
  • To check if the cake is ready use a clean knife to dip into it, if the knife comes out clean then is ready
  • Bring it out of the pan and allow to cool, please apply butter round the pan before putting your prepared materials to aid in this session

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