How To Set Up A Popcorn Business

Hello Everyone, I'm back again to share a little business idea for my audience, you don't need to break banks to attain this. I will take you all on "All you need for this business setup" and "How how to make your goods ready at best service to your consumer.

This business I'm talking about is selling of popcorn, this is one business that drives so much profit when you are at a good site (School Environments, Church programme etc). 

All you need to set up this business includes

  • Gas 
  • A table
  • A showcase
  • A big umbrella
  • Thick nylon (the type used to tie unbranded milk)
  • Scooping spoon and pot (specifically for popcorn)
  • Containers
  • And of course a site.

These are the equipment you need to set up a popcorn business, so I now go into how to make your popcorn ready, the below items are what you need:
  • Corn(Foreign preferably but you can also use local corn)
  • Milk
  • Sugar (grounded)
  • Groundnut oil
  • Lux essence (Milk flavour)
  • Packaging nylon

Steps in popcorn preparation

1) Measure out your corn, depending on the size of pot as for me I use 2cups of corn for size 12 pot
2) Put on you gas at a low rate but enough to heat up the pot
3) Add a little oil and a drop of milk flavour, if less or more it makes the popcorn brown in colour which will turn out not looking attractive
4) Pour in your corn, cover and begin to turn with the handle until it starts popping
5) Immediately it starts popping open the small hole on the cover of pot 
6) Add sugar, I use 3spoons of my scooping spoon for 2cups of foreign corn but for local corn I use 2spoons (for personal consumption suit to your taste and salt can be used)
7) Cover immediately after adding sugar and stir properly until it stops popping
8) Pour in a bowl and sprinkle milk on it immediately so it sticks with the heat 
9) Then pour into your nylon immediately after step (8) because it easily get cold and would not give ultimate satisfaction.
10) Tie according to you capital
11) Sell and make your profit

With the above you can start up your own business today and I will recommend you practice at home for perfection.

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