Understanding Rapid Test

Rapid test are those test that are carried out in a laboratory within a short period of time, which are mainly done with use of strips. Test which can be done this way are mainly serological test

This can be carried out with serum/plasma and also with whole blood using venipuncture and capillary blood collection respectively.
Material/Reagent Used

1) Full blood or Serum/Plasma.
2) Rapid Test Strip
3) Disposable pipette
4) Buffer.
5) Stop Watch.

Procedure for rapid test using serum/plasma

1) Collect Blood sample 
2) spin or allow to separate
3) Open the rapid test strip
4) Handle the strip properly and carefully
5) Deep the strip properly into the plasma or put the serum on the strip with a syringe
6) Set your stop watch for Fifteen (15) minutes.
7) If strip is being dipped into the plasma allow for two (2) minutes then bring it out
8) Observation
9) Allow for complete 15 minutes to avoid error and observe again.
Procedure for rapid test with whole blood

1) Clean the site of blood collection
2) Open the rapid test strip 
3) Handle strip with care.
4) Pierce and apply little pressure to make the blood flow
5) Put whole blood on the strip then put buffer solution immediately
6) Allow it to go down the strip
7) Observation


If two lines becomes visible one at the patient's side and one at the control side that means patient is POSITIVE but if only a line appears which is on the control side it means patient is NEGATIVE. When no line appears or it appears only on the patient's side it means ERROR  

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