Validate Valentine - Marlee


I'm trying to hold my breath
To save my lungs from this savour
This flavour of fine vanilla her eye screams give me
To save my tongue from lashing my desires at her left ear like an amateur poet
Muttering words like "moon", "sugar" and "tea"
A cold place, the taste of her and lipton after its use by me
To save my teeth from being stuck in between pounds of flesh from this chicken
Oh my!! But she is somebody's child
This chick should never have left her mother's side

I'm trying to save my heart from pumping something less than blood
To save my save my mind from losing soundness
Lest this amorous imaginations lead my faith to the gallows
Cupid's arrows could not have been more fatal
After this night out, I can't help but lights out
Our phones would grow cobwebs and this date could become dusty
Until she decides to clean herself up after her friends bridal shower

I can't help the feeling this day
Why does the heart shape on the val card look more like her backside?
The love wishes on the val cards do not sound like my mine
They do not express what I mean
If I ever try to write some, I'm afraid I'll be mean
I'll be stealing the purity of these blank sheets with lies
Draining this beauty off her ink
Will it be better if I tell her straight?
"You may not last another val"

She called my name from across the table, but my mind had wondered far
These questions stood before me as I looked past her
Is there a purer sense to the phrase "let's make love"?
What does it take to show
I need to outgrow this mindset
When I hear "love", what should come to my mind first?
I need a valid valentine
One where true love flows
Lest these clothes of bright gray and red may soon give way
And I'll be exposed for what I truly am
A box of rotten tomatoes

- Yours truly,
Mar Lee

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