7 Practical Health Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship can be a blissful journey. A blissful journey to financial independence. 

While this is often true, entrepreneurs have the busiest schedule within the world. Even greater than the regular 9-5 jobs.

Busy entrepreneurs most times neglect their health at their own detriment. 

I once had a conversation with someone close  to me and he shared a story about an entrepreneur named John. 

John, a young entrepreneur, was making waves in the fashion industry. He had lots of client that he barely had time to rest despite the money he made. 

He was advised regularly by friends to take a break and rest. He promised he'd do so. 
But he rarely did. 

One day, John went out for shopping but didn't return home. He slumped in the supermarket and was rushed to the hospital. 

Like John, most entrepreneurs neglect their health. 
In this Blogpost, you'd learn useful health tips to help you cope as an entrepreneur. 

7 Practical Health Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs 

1. Delegate Duties: Acknowledge the fact that you can't be everywhere at the same time. Neither can you do all the task by yourself. So, get capable hands to employ for the smooth running of your business. Learn to always delegate task  your employees to avoid over working yourself.

2. Exercise: Take your exercise routine more serious. If you do not have one yet, you can draw up one.

Exercise improves the ability of your cardiovascular system. It elevates your mood. Lack of excercise makes you vulnerable to diseases.

3. Good Diet: A healthy diet aids in the protection of your body system against malnutrition and diseases. A healthy diet includes fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and whole grains -World Health Organisation.

4. Stay Hydrated: Make it a point of duty to stay hydrated. Dehydration has many adverse effects on human. Individual water needs differ so take as much water as possible.

Here are some benefits of staying hydrated:

  • It keeps your body calm and regulates your temperature. 
  • It removes toxins from the body through urination, bowel movements etc. 
  • It keeps your skin agile and refreshed. 
  • It prevents bad breath
  • It enhances cardiovascular health. 

5. Make out time to have FUN: All work and no play does what?.... 
Makes Jack a dull boy. 

To achieve more, do make out time to have fun. This can be done with friends, family, colleagues or alone. 

Admist your busy schedule, make out time for fun as it can boost your business performance and eliminate stress. 

6. Alone Time: Sometimes, there is a need for us to be alone and reflect. This reflection reveals the tiny details that we miss in the setting of activities.

Do make out time to reflect. Remember THINK and do not Worry about anything.

And finally,

7. Rest: Rest is an important feature of life that unlock lots of benefit.

As an entrepreneur, make out time to get adequate rest. It is important you do so as it helps you stay active and increases energy input which leads to an increase in your business.


Entrepreneurs should avoid neglecting their health. Health is wealth.

Staying healthy guarantees.more positive results for business. As an entrepreneur, ensure you; stay hydrated, exercise, have fun, delegate duties, eat healthy, have your alone time and rest.