From Mental Lockdown To Self Upliftment

Mental Lockdown

Hello everyone, I need to speak about the mental lock down which was inspired by the lockdown caused by the pandemic virus and a few mentors I listened to. We all know lock down is the greatest punishment you will be able to give to anybody but you may not understand it, have you ever imagined that you can lodge in home for weeks and you wouldn't feel it but the moment you are asked to stay at home you will begin to see reasons to go out. Then, what more a person who is going through a mental lockdown.

We can say when someone is mentally locked down the person stops thinking ahead. The person will begin to think the routine going on in his/her life is normal, for example there is this person that was asked what she wants to be in the future she said a house maid her reason was her grand mum was a house maid and same goes to her mum and she wants to continue the routine, this can happen when someone is mentally locked down. The are mental enemies which we need to fight.

Mental Enemies

  • To be average: This is one of the greatest enemy of our mentality e.g students that just say if only I can get a pass I will be happy, they have conditioned their mind to be average whereas they will not be able to seek for better. Never think that someone who seeks for greatness isn't great, remember this popular saying.. He who doesn't know and knows that he doesn't know is on his way to become a wise man but he who doesn't know and doesn't know that he doesn't know will remain a fool so, it will take a great person to realize that he has to seek for greatness.
  • Good enough: This is the greatest enemy of greatness, if you accept good enough you will not go higher. It takes a measure of grace before you can be lifted so, I will advice that you change your mindset and aim higher but note this is not encouraging desperation.
  • Feeling Great: Great is the greatest enemy of complete, you can be great but not complete so, we have to realize those things we are missing out and work towards completion

Taking Care of Our Mental Enemies

Knowing the mental enemies, how do we take care of them? Sense what your are calling normal is not good enough be thinking of good new days and not good old days

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