How To Fix Site Behavior: Navigation Issue

Solve site behavior: Navigation issue in a few steps. There are some things you ought to do before applying for AdSense if you want to partner with them, one among them is making your site easy to navigate for visitors to get the merchandise and service they desire. 
Site Navigation issues includes

  • False claim of downloadable file..
  • Linking to pages that don't exist..
  • Redirecting users to irrelevant pages/misleading webpage
  • Text on a page unrelated to the topic/or business website
But site navigation issues are not limited to the above so to fix this you need to check the below

  • First, Remove any live video placed on your side bar (for blogger users go the video manager and delete the video) make sure your site is free from copyright
  • Secondly, Work on the theme your using. It should be responsive to place ads such mag one, newspaper, flat blog then go to the navigation menu and replace as follows:
* A contact page: To make your blog look professional and not a sort of spam site you should create a contact us page (you can check my contact us page to get a sample of it) when this is done copy the URL of the page and paste it on the navigation menu link which is gotten at the layout of your blog

* About Us Page: You can also check mine to get a sample of about us page when you are done creating the page copy its URL and paste it on the menu link list

* Privacy Policy : This is another important page that needs to be created, the good news is you can create it by using an online privacy policy generator, it usually comes out in HTML form then copy it place it in HTML view of the page then save. The page is created, now copy the page URL and paste on the menu link list

  • Thirdly, Work on error 404 links and fix broken links, use Google Console search or Google Analytics to find the URL that leads to error 404, this can be caused by deletion of the page by the owner. You can fix error 404 page by redirecting it to similar pages or by blocking using google console but this just temporary so redirecting is a way better, working on broken link use online tools to discover broken links on your site and fix them as well
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