Overcoming the Fear Barrier

There is a an adage that says "Faith cometh by hearing" this also implies to  fear, fear also cometh by hearing -> this implies we must filter what  we hear or discuss therefore in my post today I'm going to speak on how fear can be a barrier and how to overcome fear.

What is Fear?

Well from my very own understanding I will be able to say fear is an uncontrollable unpleasant reaction caused by a perceive of danger or an actual danger. Fear can also be an induced emotion by someone, living in fear is different from safety in the sense that fear is more delusional.


Barrier simply means limitations, a separation between two bodies. Other words that can be used are obstacle, bars, boundary, impediment, limits e.t.c.


Overcoming is the act of surpassing or surmounting a situation. To be subdue a threat or a perceived danger.

Before I talk about overcoming the fear barrier I will talk about the power of fear which leads to obstruction of one's goal.

The Power of Fear

We can be scared of anything, different people with different fears, it can be the fear of the dark, fear of being poor, fear of man, fear of heights e.t.c. Fear can make you leave in "BONDAGE" and bondage is a barrier because once you are living under bondage you can not do anything of your will. You will always act according to your fears, it controls you that's why they say "you attract what you fear" for example being scared of being poor (when you are not able to overcome this fear you begin to the speak the language of poverty, by the time you know it the drive is gone the next step is accepting your fate) that is why we need to live above our fears.

Overcoming Fears

I will briefly explain how to overcome fear in three steps.
  • Relax - I dont know if anyone has told you about relaxation at first stage of fighting fear because it deals with your thinking, if you are not relaxed you might not be able to put your emotion under control
  • Confront - I know what you might be thinking "if I relax how would I stop my fear from coming to reality.." Okay!!! When you have put your emotion under control yeaa you will have this courage sprung up within you this is where you confront your fear. In this you have to understand or have a knowledge of whom you are, speak to your fears yeeeaaa I can do it yes I can.
Fight - After confronting your fears you do not stop there, you proceed in fighting your fears (this doesn't mean getting into physical fight) It means working towards solution. For example - Fear of being poor (you can fight this by being hardworking, consistent, being smart, seek for advice from successful people and so on) Each fear has its solution. 

I hope with these few point digested above will help you fight your fear and live above your fears, you are limitless, you have all it takes, be bold and consistency is the key.

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