17 Easy And Unique Self Care Tips To Improve Your Life

 17 Easy And Unique Self Care Tips To Improve Your Life. 

 Self care is any activity you engage in, in order to take good care of yourself. As a human, your health is important. Health here refers to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Engaging in self care not only boost your physical health but also affects you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That is why it is very much vital to have self care tips or map out ideas for self care routine. You may be wondering:

 Why Is Self Care Important And Why Should I Have These Self Care Tips. 

Well, I'd give you 2 reasons why you should have these tips and maybe they'd show you how important sef care is. 

 1. Self care gives you the chance to love yourself. It makes you spend more time with yourself and you get to know yourself more. You get to figure out the good in you and ultimately love yourself. 

 2. Self care makes loving others easy. Remember, even the Holy book for Christians (The Bible) points out "Love your neighbour as you love yourself."

 You have to first love yourself enough before you can be able to love your partner, your child, your parents, your friends, your colleagues etc.

 You can't pour water from an empty cup. You have to fill it up before it can give water. Self care makes loving yourself and others possible.

 Now that we have established the importance of self are, let's dive in to the self care tips.

 17 Easy And Unique Self Care Tips 

 1. Ask for assistance: Acknowledge the fact that you can't do everything by yourself.
 You can't do the groceries take out the trash, make dinner, do the laundry clean up the house all at the same time. So do ask for assistance when need be.

 Do not overwhelm yourself with so much load. 

 2. Go for a walk: This is one effective self care tip I recommend. Going for a walk has this relief it comes with. It removes stress and tension, empties your heart making you think clearly. So, whenever you feel overwhelmed go for a walk. 

3. Be Grateful: Always be grateful. Being grateful has a huge impact on you. It makes you focus on the positives and let go off the negatives. Which is very healthy for you.

 4. Rest: Rest, rest, rest and rest. The importance of rest cannot be overemphasised. You just have to rest. 

Whenever you feel tired, take a break and rest. Ensure you have a good sleep as this keeps you energized for the day.

 5. Stay Hydrated: Dehydration could cost you a lot so do stay hydrated. Here are some benefits of staying hydrated: Staying hydrated keeps your skin agile.

 It enhances cardiovascular health. It prevents bad breath. It makes you feel good.

 6. Spend time in nature: Have you taken a walk to a place where you are surrounded by nature?

 If no, I suggest you do. It doesn't have to be quite an exquisite place. It could be a garden, the beach, a walkway surrounded by trees.

 Just give it a try and you'd know how much nature impacts your mood.

 7. Music: Music is a food for the soul. Johnny Depp said that, " Music touches us emotionally where words alone can't."

 For your self care tip and routine, add music to it.

Spend time listening to music. This could be while you work or another time you choose. 

 8.Take a break from technology: Turn off your phone, TV, radio - all technological gadgets and give yourself a break.

 Spend time with just yourself away from technology. It has been advised by experts to turn off all technological gadget 1hour before sleeping. 

 9. Draw or write: Draw or write. Whatever be your creative power, do it. Put down those words on a paper.
Paint that image. Just do it.

 I personally love writing because that's where I feel most creative. So I just take out my pen and put my thoughts on the paper. 

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 10. Meditate: Create time to meditate. 

 11. Smile and laugh: I love, and big a fan of smiling and laughing. No matter how difficult a phase maybe, do smile.

 You never can tell whose world you will make shine with your smile and your hard laugh. Smiling reduces stress.

 12. Spend time with friends and family: As a self care tip, ensure you spend adequate time with friends and family. At the long run, your friends and family are those who genuinely care about you.

 The positive vibe from them could boost your ego and make you love and care for yourself even more. 

13. Hug a friend: Hugging can make you happier which is good for you. 

 14. Eat healthy : Eating healthy food do not only affect your physical health, it also affects your mental and emotional health.

 If in doubt, consider the last time you were extremely hungry. Did the conversations at the moment make any sense to you?

 The popular saying " a hungry man is an angry man" stands true. So, endeavour to not just eat but eat healthy.

 15.  Wake up on time: Do not sleep and sleep deep into the day. Getting up on time pus you in charge of your day. It gives you the feeling of ownership.

 You need that energy if you want to conquer the day. So ensure you get up and plan your day.

 16. Create new goals: Review your goals weekly or monthly and ensure you set reasonable goals for each week and month. 

17. Read a book: One of my favourite moments in a day is where I get to open a book and read.

 I understand that you may not be like me You may not love reading. Rather, you enjoy listening to audio.

So, get yourself audio books and digest them.


 18. Organize the house or your work bench: Staying in an unorganised environment can make you feel uncomfortable and it will affect your work energy and state of mind.

 Always organize/arrange your house and work bench in a way that suits your taste. Conclusion: Self care tips and ideas are unlimited.

There are several ways to take good care of yourself. You should also know that the journey of self care is an endless one. You constantly have to stay in the journey.

 As you create plans for the week and month, also include the various self care tips. If you found this post helpful, leave a comment and share this post