Content Policy Issues Solved

Today on my blogging experience, I got rejected by AdSense due to content policy issue. I will list and briefly explain the steps I took before I got approved

Deleted Copyrighted Images: Yea most bloggers refer newbies to site that give free images but I will say if your site hasn't been approved by AdSense please avoid this pictures (DO NOT USE IT). I will tell you why?, because as is free a lot of sites will go for them and use them.. Google doesn't know the original owner yea!! But seeing it on multiple sites makes it unoriginal and what google needs is original content or adding value to already existed content like I have done here by telling you to avoid free images before site approval.

Plagiarism Check: I used online plagiarism checker [seo tool] to check all my content and I made sure they are 100% unique to avoid stories and be on safe side, evenif you wrote your content yourself, you still need to use it because somebody might/had same thought as you

Use of Google Console: After doing the above and keeping my content 100% unique, I still had issues.. Do you want to know why? It was because of cached post. I used my google console to clear cached and snippets and this made deleted images that was still appearing on google search disappeared.

The above was my own experience but there are other problems related to content policy issue therefore read up the content policies on google support and try to figure out your own problem but if my experience is your issue, I'm glad I shared.

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