How To Prepare A Chocolate flavored Popcorn

You might be wondering how to come about the chocolate flavored popcorn, you are at the right place because if you follow the steps below you will get the best of result. This method is also applicable to other flavor such as strawberry, blueberry e.t.c.

Steps in Chocolate popcorn preparation 

  •  Set apart your corn, depending on the size of pot you can use 2cups of corn for a size 12 pot
  •  Put on your gas at a low rate but enough to heat up the pot
  • Heat your pot very well by allowing it on the lit gas for some minutes
  • Add a little oil, you can scoop in a spoon of dishing spoon if you are working with 2 cups, if less or more it makes the popcorn brown in colour which will turn out not looking attractive 
  • Pour in your corn
  • Add a tea spoon of butter
  • Add more sugar than that of the white(without any colour or food flavor)
  • Add milk flavor
  • Add vanilla flavor.. looks exactly like honey
  • Add your chocolate
  • Cover and begin to turn with the handle until it starts popping
  •  Continue turning until you stop hearing the pop sound
  • Pour out in a bowl and sprinkle milk on it immediately so it sticks with the heat 
  • Then pour into your nylon immediately because it easily get cold and would not give ultimate satisfaction. 
  • Tie according to you capital
  •  Sell and make your profit or preferable, Ready to serve

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