Highlights - Love Last Forever (Watch all Episodes)

To watch all episodes of love last forever click Here but it is good to read through the highlights to know the content you are going for.
  • Sakura fell in love with a doctor and decides to study hard to become a nurse so that she can be with him
  • Sakura successfully becomes a nurse and works in same hospital with the doctor but the doctor seems to have a different attitude which made his co-workers call him devil at work
  • Sakura got rejected by Dr Tendor after making her love confession
  • The same occurrence five years ago happened when Sakura met Dr Tendor when she cried out for help to save a woman's life but this time around it happens to be a patient in the hospital which made Dr Tendor appear just like five years ago
  • Dr Tendor this time around called Sakura by her name which made her mind blown
  • Sakura happened to become Dr. Tendor's neighborh as she lodges in their family apartment
  • Sakura met with Tendor's sis whom was one time a doctor
  • Sakura found out she was going to have an extraordinary luck after prayers with Ruuyuko (Dr Tendo's sister) at the fortune temple, also she was going to have an unexpected confession. 
  •  Then Sakura realised that she needs to focus on her career of becoming a better nurse a better nurse rather than her love life because her career fortune reads that if there's a will there's a way. 
  •  Sakura along the line runs into danger while Dr Tendo over hearing this tries to save her from Tazawa. 
  • Tazawa wanting to heat Dr Tendons with a bar ended up hitting Sakura because she threw herself on Tendo to protect him. Sakura bled and began to black out Dr Tendo became so worried and promised her a date and a kiss when she recovers Dr Tendons kisses Sakura and said "This is for your treatment" 
  • Sakura finds out Dr Tendor late girl friend made him devil at work
  • Dr Tendor late girl friend's sister appeared looking exactly like her and she seems to be attracted to Dr Tendor
  • She confessed to Dr Tendor but got rejected
  • Sakura went abroad to further her education to be one of the best nurses
  • Sakura and Dr. Tendor finally gets married

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