Mayorkun - It Takes A Lot To Put Up A Good Work

A Nigerian popular artist known as Mayrokun brought to his social media his experience while shooting and making music which has made waves on the internet "Betty Butter" in collaboration with David Adeleke popularly known as Davido

Just so you know is it not so easy to put up something great.. It takes a whole lot of hardwork, time, patience to get your dream work done.

What if Mayorkun gave up in this process of trials? He wouldn't have achieved this much so we urge you to pick a struggle today, you aiint too old or too young to work on your dreams 

Trust me you have got all you need to start up something, sounds funny right?!! Same here I never believed it as well until I started blogging out of nothing

Let me end it with this favorite quotes of mine "If you find your self in hell keep pushing because you cant afford to remain in hell".. Is better to keep going no matter the circumstances because deciding not to keep going doesn't solve the problem but makes you remain in that circle of circumstances. Another is " Even if we fall to the earth we can't sink into the earth"

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