The King: Eternal Monarch [Watch Drama]

The King: Eternal Mornach is a frictional movie of two parallel universe which was divided in a bamboo forest and has a flute that can join the two worlds together. The flute caused so much trouble because it makes whomsoever ever that touches it forever young and has the power to control the two parallel worlds. It brought jealousy, betrayal and vengeance and of course love.

There lived a king who was gifted with a bamboo flute connecting two parallel universe, the knowledge of this flute to the king's brother made him kill the king meanwhile the flute was cut into half in the cost of the action and the king's brother fled in order not to be caught, now the traitor has a part of the flute while the king's successor being his son has a part of the flute.

Aired: 17th April 2020 - 6th June 2020

Directed: Bark Sang-hoon, Jung Ji-hyun, Yoo Je-won

Country: South Korea

Genres: Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Action

Lead Male role: Lee min ho

Lead Female role: Kim Go-eun

Supporting male roles: Woo Do-hwan, Kim Kyung

Supporting Female roles: Jung Eun-chae, Seo Jeong-yeong

Episode One

Episode Twelve

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