Adsense Identity Verification - 2020

 You want to verify your adSense account after being approved you are at the right place and I will also let you know of little mistakes we frequently make

Firstly knowing that this process is limited is very necessary, after the third time of unsuccessful verification your account will stop showing ads. 

What are the documents needed

The only approved documents to be submitted are stated below

  1. Driving license
  2. National ID Card
  3. International Passport

Common mistakes made

  1. Using National Identity number slip in place of National card (Google doesn't recognise such documents) This applies to those in Nigeria especially.
  2. How the names are filled, The name should appear exactly as in the document you ought to submit, Surname, First name, Other name should correspond and your address as well should correspond

Other things google look out for

  1. Documents shouldn't be expired
  2. Documents should be readable
  3. Not blurred, with a glare, or dim light
  4. Documents should be in colour not black and white

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