Bascis of Bitcoin You Should Know

 Who invented Bitcoin?

Answer: Satoshi Nakamoto

What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

Answer: A software that allows the transaction of miners

Is manarom among top five valued crypto currency?

Answer: No

What kind of currency is Bitcoin?

Answer: Decentralized currency

General ledger that attracts all Bitcoin?

Block Chain

What category does Bitcoin belong to?

Answer: Crypto Currency

What do you call a wallet that requires a multikey wallet to send a transaction?

Answer: N Multisig Exchange

Is Bitcoin Legal?

Answer: Yes

How is the price of bitcoin determined?

Answer: Through Supply and Demand

What is a bitcoin exchange?

Answer: It is the process in which traders buy and sell bitcoin through software or it can be called a digital market place where bitcoin is sold or bought using different fiat currency

How many bitcoin can ever exist?

Answer: 21 million

What was the first thing bitcoin was use to buy?

Answer: Pizza

What is bitcoin transaction?

Answer: It is the transfer of value between bitcoin wallet

What is the smallest unit of a bitcoin called?

Answer: Satoshi

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