Toilet Infection - How to Stay Safe

 They say health is wealth, so I'm here to share some important tips to keep a healthy body and flee from toilet infection(infections gotten through toilet usage mostly UTI)

Pubic Hairs

Most people shave off their hairs on their pubic region especially vagina, yea it looks pretty attractive but it is not so good because it has its importance on protection (it protects the vagina from pathogen) therefore it helps to reduce toilet infection on condition that it should always be kept clean so, we need to wash it and keep it dry but avoid using soap directly on your vagina

Flushing of Toilet

Mistakes that most people do is not flushing the toilet before usage. Always flush your toilet before usage if possible wash it, it doesn't matter how neat you think it is
Reasons: When a toilet stays for a moment there is an upward movement of steam/air which is highly contaminated, something you can see this with your naked eyes so, always flush your toilet before use.

Wiping After Toilet Usage

This another part we ignorantly ignore, wiping after urinating is necessary so as to keep the vagina dry. Then also, while wiping we should go from front to back (i.e from vagina region to the anus).

Other ways includes
  1. Avoid sharing under wares
  2. Wear a little bit loose panties
  3. Avoiding poking your fingers in your vagina
  4. Bath at least twice a day
  5. Avoid using medicated soap on your vagina
  6. Avoid using a dirty toilet
  7. Avoid sharing toilet with strangers especially

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