Watch Full Episode of Midsummer Is Full of Love

Other name: Xin Dong Man Wu, Full house

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Date: August 28 2020 - September 7 2020

Cast: Timmy Xu, Kira Shi, Yang Chao Yue, LeoLi Tiffany Zhong

Luo Tian Ran is an independent, fierce and strong-minded young woman with a high sense of self-esteem. Although she is tone-deaf, her dream is making a splash in the music industry as a songwriter. However, due to some ill  interventions from a pair of her friends this is called "Fate", she ends up having to move out of her house. Fate intervenes, and her path crosses with a pop superstar named Jin Ze Yi, who comes across as something of a spoiled brat. Despite his cold exterior, he is actually secretly childlike and needy. The duo is forced to live in the same house on a temporary basis. At first, it seems they will never see eye-to-eye, as their personalities are so very different. However, over time, Luo Tian Ran gradually falls for Jin Ze Yi’s charms and the feeling becomes mutual. Could love bloom between this decidedly odd couple? Adapted from the manhwa "Full House" written by Soo Yon Won.

Episode one

Episode Two

Episode Three

Episode Four

Episode Five

Episode Six

Episode Seven

Episode Eight

Episode Nine

Episode Ten

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