Big Fat Advice On Six Months Blogging

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Today I am giving out six(6) fat advice for beginners especially on blogging from my own experience

1) Perish the Idea of Making Money: Ohh how will I not think of making money before starting a blog? Your question right? But I will answer that. Blogging is not that easy but easy meaning you need patience so, ask your self "How long can I hold unto something that isn't fetching me money?" Of course is very possible to make money from blogging but it takes a while to grow. This is where you need passion the most therefore before starting a blog, you should be passionate about it. In my words I will always say "DO WHAT YOU LOVE" it helps you reduce stress and much thinking which plays a huge role in keeping you mentally fit.

2) Self Examination: Very important, when I started blogging I did it because I love it but one thing I did not do well was self examination, if you fail to do this whenever such a question pops up you will be knocked off the bridge "What type of a blogger are you" Then, I was just passionate about blogging whatever that pops up in my head.. Yea I enjoyed it but it can cause harm to you site if you eventually want to earn from it so take a break, breath in and out relax and think/examine yourself

3) Consistency: For every business Consistency is the key, in a six months blogging you need to be consistent tho I'm not because is not easy at all but you can make a difference with consistency. Always update maybe you can go with the routine of three times in a week depending on the type of blog you want to own (news bloggers should be everyday)

4) Slow Down: Am I contradicting what I said earlier? You must be thinking that but "NO" there are times when it will seem so difficult don't swallow it too hard just slow down study more and gradually resolve your problems if not you might end up being discouraged and quit. Wish you all "Good luck"

5) Solve Problems: To make your blog page more engaging it should be able to solve problems because people visit blogs for a reason or to gain an information

6) Originality/Uniqueness: Be creative, Make it unique by adding values (putting vital information other bloggers omitted or didn't discover).

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