Can one man change the world?The truth? Yes. What is the world? The world is the people and the state people find themselves. Revolution changes people mentality and the state they found themselves. Resolution, no matter how small it starts, it starts with a man. Those who had an idea, a belief, a methodology; they believed not just in the concept, but they believe in the fact that it can wroth a change, they believe the fact that they had the best reason why the concept was enough and it could change the world. It could change the state of things. 

“Anyone who thinks he is too small to make a difference has never been in bed with mosquitoes

Truth is that, the world has seen great truth and great dreams, great “ambitioners”, great entrepreneur, great artist. Sadly enough, most of them die without pioneering their dreams. Few days ago I was indulged in a conversation of the death of dreams in young Nigerians who are talented but who have no resources and then retired to excuses. Blames were being thrown on government and other parties. But who are these youths? Did they believe in their concept enough to understand that it can change the world? If they did it, would it be so hard to have tried a 1000 times like Michael Faraday did with his light bulb? Or stood up for their invention and ideas, as Magaret Joy did with her invention as she stood up to the company owner and made him understand her “revolution”. I wonder did these youths gave all they had to find mechanism to get their dreams actualized?

Testimonies are testimonies not because of the people but because of the circumstance. If dreams are understood not to come true because of Nigerian economy, then it makes a foundation for a better success story than that of Oprah Winfrey, Michael Faraday and Steve Job.

We will never know until we try, but until it comes to self realization we may never know at all. Those who change the world are those who think they are crazy enough to change the world. But it wasn’t just think, they believed. They believed with all their being. 

Until you step aside and believe that your “little idea” (mosquitoes) can change a state, and step back from your “stress I will go through” or “people wouldn’t like it” or “its not good enough” or “its not possible”. Stepping aside from your perspective and don’t see how valuable it will be, then your idea will just be that, an idea…without life, vision and reality. 


They believe in the concept, they believe in the fact that it was worth a revolution. Its more than just believing in yourself, its believing in a cause. Start small, then make your revolution, you change a “state” and then you change your “world”. 

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