Asian dramas for beginners which I strongly recommend includes:

City Hunter

This is the very first drama I watched that made me a big fan of Asian drama today. Is an interesting story that consist of "love, greed, pain, vergences" starred by Lee min ho and park min young "

My Love From the Star

It is a romantic, sci-fi Drama with 20 episodes starring Jun Ji Hyun and Kim So Hyun. It is also full of humors and its worth watching and I really loved and still love this drama

I am not a robot

A successful young man lives a life of isolation due to his allergy until he falls in love with a robot. This particular drama is hilarious, full of suspense and of course romantic scenes.

To the Beautiful You

This is also on my favorite list, is a story where a girl disguised herself into a boy to stay close to her crush. How was this achievable or did it fire back at her? I strongly recommend this drama.


A complete mystery/action packed drama that one should definitely watch. The lead roles are played by Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young. I can assure you,this is a good one.

Empress Ki

This is one of the best historical drama on my drama list. It was played by Ji Chang Wook, Han Ji Won and Joo jinMoo

Queen of the Rings

It is quite a short drama with 6 episodes conveying a beautiful message. The plot revolves around an insecure girl who faces difficulties in everyday life as she lives in a superficial society filled with shallow people. It'll leave you inspired and in tears.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Jhu

If you love sports and athletics then you'll like this sport/romance drama starring Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk. The story revolves around two athletes who develop friendship and face the hurdles of life as they prepare for a huge tournament. Its a unique drama and it's worth watching.

Terrius Behind Me

A realistic plot revolving an ex agent and newly widowed woman. Starring So Ji Sub and Jung In Sun. Its one of the best dramas of 2018.

Descendents of the Sun

It is a beautiful storyline about a doctor and a soldier. This drama is definately on my favourite list. Starring Song Hye Kyo and Song Joon Ki, this drama has Romance,action and suspense along with the right amount of humour. The 16 episodes will make you laugh and tear up.

The King Enternal

This is a 2020 drama and is highly recommendable, the story comprises of love, greed, anger, back in time, and fun friction. In this drama two parallel kingdom can brought together by a flute and whom ever that has the flute will be ageless and have ultimate power therefore, this flute brought conflict in the kingdom. Follow link to watch

Strong woman Do Bong Soon

I personally loved this drama. Its a sci-fi/romance/thriller/comedy with enough of everything. Starring Park Bo Young and Park Hyungsik, the 16 episodes of the drama will keep you glued to the screen.

Suspicious partner/Love in trouble

A good mystery/romance drama that's worth a watch. Starring Ji Chang Wook and Nam Joo Hyun,the drama revolves around two attorneys who develop feelings as they deal with a rather mysterious murder case.

Age of Youth/Hello my 20s

This drama is a good one for teenage girls as the plot revolves around young women,who live their lives and face the challenges that comes along with it. Its a feel good drama with 12 episodes.

100 days my Prince

A drama set in the joseon era starring Nam Joo Hyun and Do Kyung Suk. Among many such dramas that I've watched,this one was my favourite because it had a simple yet interesting plot. One of the best dramas of 2019.

Fight for my way

A wonderful drama packed with action,comedy and romance starring Park So Joon and Kim Ji won. The story revolves around four childhood friends who deal with love,friendship and failures in life. Its a feel good drama and one of the best dramas of the decade.

Welcome to Waikiki

If you're a sucker for comedy then this one's for you. The story revolves around 5 people,living under the same roof,who face the hurdles in day to day life which is portrayed in an inspiring yet hilarious way. The 20 episodes will keep you wheezing from the beginning till the end. It one of the best dramas I've watched.

Summer is Full Of Love

This is just like full house,Luo Tian Ran is an independent, fierce and strong-minded young woman with a high sense of self-esteem. Although she is tone-deaf, her dream is making a splash in the music industry as a songwriter. However, due to some ill  interventions from a pair of her friends this is called "Fate", she ends up having to move out of her house. Fate intervenes, and her path crosses with a pop superstar named Jin Ze Yi, who comes across as something of a spoiled brat. Follow this link to watch

Age is Just a Number

This is on my favorite drama list. It is an interesting story that involves a woman being humiliated by the society because she fell in love with someone under her age by 18. This drama exhibits strength is highly recommendable.


Other interesting dramas I will recommend includes:

Love Last Forever

Full House

Heart String

100 days with Mr Arrogant

Playful kiss

Boys Over Flowers

Secretary Kim

He is Beautiful

King of Heart

The Promise


This is fate

My Eternal

Sweetest Love


Beautiful but Unlucky

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