Constipation in summary means pressed, crowded. In health it is a state of bowels or intestine becomes filled with hardened feaces. This may cause pain in the abdomen and causes discomfort in the body.

Types of Constipation

There are different types of constipation and each of them has different level of pain, and symptoms are different they include

  1. Normal transit constipation
  2. Slow transit constipation
  3. Defecation disorder
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Causes of Constipation
  1. Dehydration: This is lack of water in the system, which is caused mainly by low intake of water or sometimes when the kidney fail to reabsorb water
  2. Lack of Fibre: Fiber or fiber is important during digestion therefore low intake of fibre can cause constipation
  3. Change of environment regular routine too can cause constipation 
  4. Iron pills can also cause constipation
  5. Stress can cause constipation
  6. Pregnancy can cause constipation
  7. Intestinal Obstruction can cause constipation
And so on Click here to know detailed information on the symptoms of Constipation.

Symptoms of Constipation
  1. Pains in the bowel is one of the symptoms of constipation
  2. Pressed in stomach or pelvic region can also be a symptom of constipation
  3. Having feelings of stool in the rectum but cannot come out is also a symptom of constipation
  4. Heaviness and unrest can also be a symptom
  5. As so on Read more

Home Made Treatment on Constipation

  1. Orange and Warm Water: squeeze out your orange juice in a cup then add warm or hot water. This is my best method and it works like magic within five (5) minutes  
  2.  Warm Water and Oil: In case there is no orange in the house and you need an emergency treatment, you can use this it works perfectly fine within the space of Ten (10) - Fifteen (15) minutes.
  3. Water: In case you dont have oil water too helps but in this case you need to take enough water, is not favourable for me  because I dont know how to drink much water and it takes a longer time.

Other things things you can do so as to prevent constipation from occurring in future is taking enough fiber from foods such as tiger nut, vegetables e.t.c, drink enough water daily, avoid hard pain relieving medicine unless when prescribed and such medicine should be taken with "Gestid", Regular exercise also helps.


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