Hello Everyone, you are welcome to my blog and you can subscribe to my to my blog to my article direct to your email. On today's article I will talk about how to save money. Yea!!!.

To me saving is something personal and is not really talked about or discussed enough therefore, I'm glad to be taking you through steps to help cultivate a saving habit.

1) Remove a percentage: Make sure to remove that saving percentage to your savings each month. Now people make it automatic, as for me I go with Standard chartered bank ( My referral code is 400047985 you can simply download the app on play store or apple store and get your account set up in few minutes) I suggest and it is necessary to transfer your savings the same day you get paid. The percentage depend on the rest of your money. 

Note: Do not plan for the money before taking out your saving percentage, it is a costly mistake.

2) Planning: Planning should not be limited on your needs/want on that particular month which you are paid and it should be done after removing your saving percentage. You plan ahead of the month for example, if I want to get a new phone in next six months I do not wait for that month to reach and then take the whole money for the phone from that month's payment, I plan it, I set out a certain amount for it each month by doing so you wouldn't feel it when you eventually buy the phone. Today, plan for that trip, that hang bag, children's school fees e.t.c.

3) Own a water bottle: This is one thing that stylishly take our money from us "buying water" especially for students and workers. You need to own a reusable water bottle, me as a student when I go to school without my reusable water bottle I see myself spending more on water. My best reusable water bottle, you can get yours

Make your own meals:
This is another way we get to spend more money "buying meals at work or at school" Make it a habit to make your meals, get yourself a portable food flask that will keep your food warmth. It is not only cheaper making your own food it is healthier as well so let's us make 80% of our meals.

You can get my favorite Food Flask here

I'm sure you will have some ideas you will like to share please make use of the comment session to drop your ideas.

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