Signs To Know When You Are Been Emotionally Abused

Cynthia, where are you?”
“Uhum. I am with Juliet”
“Juliet who?” a spark of curiosity slipped through this voice
“Baby. You don’t know her”
“Why don’t I know her?”

Does this seem like your normal relationship? If yes-do you think the guy here is just plain obsession or just plain caring? Obsession and love has a thin line in a relationship, that’s why it has been a long term issue to distinguish. Emotional abuse is not easily seen which makes it far worse than physical abuse. Which mean, you could currently be in this and the whole world will keep moving and you wouldn’t have a clue! So how do you know when you are emotionally abused and when you need to park and go?

From “love” to “obsession
The later has a sign of entitlement; a feeling of ownership. I know! I can hear you probably saying “it’s cute when he/she (bae/boo) calls every now and then but it isn’t cool when bae/boo demands control. Its an obsession and itsn’t healthy. Entitlement doesn’t define love. In fact it’s quite the opposite; you are not an object to hold on to. 

But then you are probably saying to yourself but "he/she doesn’t do that". You aren’t completely out of the red zone.

Is your relationship under conditions?
Do you have terms and conditions in your relationship? Is it looking more to you like a bargain. 
More like
“You do this or I..?”
“You have to give in or I leave?”
These statements are made people who feel they are the sun in your universe and they want to take advantage of it. You don’t have to be a puppet tied to a string! Park and go!!

Do your partner always remind you about your past?
Maybe jokingly or intentional to either prove  a point to you? It is helpful to remember your past but once it is a constant tool used to make you feel less confident, unworthy, undeserving, as  a basis of judgment. Realize the warning sign and moveeee. Your past does not define you. Don’t make another person relieve it in self pity.

When you are unsure of your partner feeling towards you
You are not just sure. You are constantly walking on eggshells to keep the relationship working. One day he/she is high spirit; the other time in a low state. Is a strain on your emotion. Park and goo!!!

They keep putting you down?
Through jokes, they make fun of you. You are always apologizing for something, even when you did nothing wrong? They don’t take notice of your accomplishment or take it insignificant; you are always at the receiving end of complains. Criticisms, without any way of helping you improve isn’t cute. 

Do they punish you with an essentional commodity?
They deny you of privileges, access, support when you did something wrong? They simply cut off till you “behave”. Stop! You are simply been treated as a slave. You are simply being emotionally abuse.

Understandly, emotional abuse is using your emotional against you. You might decide to be okay with it but it has a long term effect. Unlike physical abuse, you can move on with scars or little bruises. Emotional abuse rather brings death to a person being . Eventually, you carry it on to another relationship while you are broken,  and the worst part-you don’t even know you are broken.  Don’t be that person! You have a choice today to move on….  Choose wisely 

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