Doom scrolling

Is the process of scrolling through social media, consuming and endless procession of negative online news. Doom scrolling gained its popularity during the period of corona virus, as it is adviced  that excessive doom scrolling can negatively affect one's mental health.

Why do we doomscroll

  • Depression: When one is depressed he/she tries to look for information that confirms his/her feelings
  • Being Inquisitive: You might tell yourself you want to be informed and you end up surfing and making it a habit.

Bad effects of doomscrolling
  • Depression: It brings back negative thoughts and mindset
  • It leads to greater fear
  • It leads to mental stress
  • It leads to anxiety
  • It causes sadness

How To Curb Effect of Doomscrolling

  • Limiting the behaviour
  • Choose the information you try to process and be mindful of what you scroll about.
  • Avoid thinking of bad scenario
  • Focus on the present and enjoy the moment 
  • Use wellness app
  • Focus on your own goals and try not to solve the problem of the world
  • Disconnect from social media if case is severe

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