In few minutes you will get to know how you can increase your traffic on your "WhatsApp TV or Business" We all know that attaching your phone numbers to your business ad post can help people reach you, but there is a faster way of doing this (BARCODE). Your barcode will suggest your WhatsApp account to people instead of the person writing down your number to add you up on WhatsApp. 

This is especially useful for WhatsApp TV in the sense that, you make a post and someone comes across the post by sharing and wants to share same post on his/her WhatsApp status, WhatsApp will suggest your account to them. It is useful attaching your barcode to your Tv post alongside with your number.

To achieve this is in two major steps a) Getting your barcode b) attaching it to your post, illustrations on doing this follows below:

How To get My Barcode:

  • Open your WhatsApp: Click on the message icon

  • Click on the barcode icon

  • Click on "My Code" then screen shot

How To Attach It To Your Post

  • Use an editor, for me kinemaster is the best editor though, is a video editor you can always have a way out.
  • Open Kinemaster and click on media then select the post you want to work on

  • Click on layer then select the barcode you screenshot

  • Crop and move the barcode to the angle of your choice

  • Click on the share icon then click export, it will come out in a video form

  • Screenshot from the video to your taste

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