Today I finally got my google AdSense address verified, so I am sharing the tips I used to achieve this but before then, to get your adsense account approved you should click here you can also check out the mistakes you should not make as a blogger after which you will need to verify your account (google identity verification) which is done with either of the below documents

  1. Government issued ID card 
  2. International Passport
  3. Diver's licence

Note: This is done when you have reached a threshold of $10

After verification of account a pin is mailed to you for address verification of which without it you cannot be paid, but in some countries pin are being delayed or generally not seen. Such country is Nigeria,... 

What happens if you dont receive your pin?

First of all, request for another pin which will last for 2weeks - 3weeks before you can request for a new pin, do this over again till you have requested up to four(4) times.

Still did not receive my pin after requesting four times? 

You do not have to worry, this post will walk you around on how to verify your address without a pin. Firstly, you have to check if your address in your settings matches with the address on the issued ID you want to use, as well as the name should correspond. If yes, then you are good to go but if no, you have to edit in your settings before going through the google AdSense address verification process.

  1. sing into your Google AdSense Account
  2. Navigate, click on Payment
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Change you name and address to correspond

Now you can now proceed to Google AdSense address verification.

Sing into you AdSense account

Go to verify billing address then click on the navigation icon (3dots) then click on help

Scroll down click on Pin trouble shooter

Then fill out the form as shown below

And this too

If you have requested up to four times a contact us link will appear below then click on it

Fill in the form and insert your document(Government ID,Passport and Bank Statement)

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