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Affordable and Free Online Skill Acquisition Platforms 

Skill Acquisition programs are essential for career growth but funding it may be a barrier especially for low income earners and the unemployed.

What Is Skill Acquisition?

Skill Acquisition is the act of gaining new knowledge in order to earn a living. It is no longer new that skill acquisition is more lucrative in line with formal education. There are different stages of skill acquisition, and different skills to learn. Due to the world is moving into technology by the day, I will focus on transiting into technology. 

Platforms To Acquire Skills

List and detailed information on how each learning platform works.


Coursera is one of the most recognized platform for learning online. Coursera certificates are highly recognized, Coursera issues certificates at the end of each course while a recognized institute such as Google issue another certificate at the end of the course program. Coursera partners with more than 250 leading Universities and Companies, these Universities and Companies issues a certificate at the end of the course program.

Why should You Choose Coursera

There are lots of affordable professional courses you can get on Coursera. Nevertheless, Coursera also offers financial aid to online learners. This means you can apply for a slash of price and also, apply to run the course program for free. Though financial aid is not available for all courses but there are lots of courses available for financial aid. Explore Coursera today to begin your career journey without limitation.

Go to Coursera search for the course of your choice, check If financial aid is available then proceed to click on it. You will need to write to Coursera containing the following information below.

  • Why your are applying for financial aid (150 words)
  • How the course will help your career (150 words)
Worry less!!! If you do not know what to type to fill up 150 words, kindly drop a comment or check my contact page to hit me up. I am glad to help you.


Udemy is another recognized platform to gain additional skills or gaining skills as a career starter. Udemy is known for their pattern of teaching, they provide you with video, written and PDF materials that are necessary for your desired course. Udemy certificates are also recognized world wide, online learners have access to over 155000 courses. Explore Udemy today to discover or rediscover yourself.

Why should I choose Udemy

In as much as Udemy does not offer financial aid like Coursera, they offer affordable courses and as well as free  courses. One unique thing about Udemy is the variety of discount program. Udemy sometimes offers 50% discount off a course. Imagine a course of $9 having  50% off, that sounds great right? with Udemy you can explore the word of knowledge at a cheap rate.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is not just a social for B2B (business to business) or a platform where people hunt for job opportunities as we know. LinkedIn also provides free courses that aids better understanding. LinkedIn learning also provide courses that will prepare you for job interviews. LinkedIn courses are extensive, I will recommend it for additional skills because it will take you deep in knowledge. A career starter can also take courses from LinkedIn. Join LinkedIn today and explore your desired course.

Why Should I Choose LinkedIn Learning

Yes all platform do well with their pattern of tutoring, as we know LinkedIn is a platform where recruiters are searching for competent people to employ. LinkedIn makes your achievement and badges known to your possible recruiters. You get noticed with LinkedIn certificates and badges which sounds fantastic. 


Udacity creates opportunities for learning by offering scholarship, the scholarship is offered to people 18+ years of age. Udacity records 73% of learners gets promoted or get a better job while 50% of people whom advanced their career with Udacity received a raise with an average increase of 33%. Udacity's paid courses is called Nanodegrees which is done by monthly subscription or a single discounted payment for the whole nanodegree program. Apply for scholarship today on Udacity.

Why Should I Choose Udacity 

  • Certificate can land you a Job.
  • You can apply for scholarship if you can not afford to pay for the degree.
  • It is necessary for career advancement.

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